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  • Horizontal Injection Machine

  • Horizontal Injection Machine

  • Horizontal Injection Machine

  • Horizontal Injection Machine

  • Horizontal Injection Machine

Horizontal Injection Machine

Horizontal Injection Machine

3 RT horizontal injection series; Suitable for three layers of mold; Hold screw reverse function, ensure refueling glue cleaning is convenient, fast; Precision testing measurement, plasticizing screws before the end of the measurement to reduce speed, achieve accurate measurement; Computer control mold exhaust, curing temperature, time

The mechanical design

Stand the use of special mechanical design, plane precision, manufactured goods appearance beautiful, quality. In 3 dug mechanics analysis aided design, it is concluded that high rigidity, precision casting, life long best design.

The feeding system

Special 2-phase into the material design, can make the raw material to get the best effect of exhaust, and not die material function.

Injection volume control

With high precision, electronic scale design, accurate control and calculation of injection quantity size.

Turn to shoot board design

With the function of special seat, seat back, can make the nozzle die material. Qing is easy, stable quality.

Safety design

Day with infrared safety electric eye and has the automatic warning system and multiple safety protection device, can clearly grasp the machine status, to ensure safety.

Oil circuit design

Oil system USES oil proportion type, low noise and the pressure is adjusted automatically, accurate and stable.

Design of temperature

Introduce the foreign latest digital prototype test verification technology, provide higher thermodynamic performance than traditional design, the stability of higher quality.

Electric heating, automatic current circuit detection system make the electric heating temperature system circuit automatic alarm test.

Automatic temperature records curve, the temperature control for the continuous display, more improve product quality.

Adopt Japan YAMATAKE (YAMATAKE) international well-known brand digital-display, controllable silicon modules - who output, PID adjustment, accurate temperature operation, thus make the temperature control in the plus or minus 2 degrees. Programs have week preheating function.

Electric control design

Using the original Japanese human-machine interface (HMI) and programmable controller (PLC) as the core of the control system, line is concise and clear, stable and reliable, low failure rate.

Full computer automatic monitoring function, humanized design, programming ideas images using easy conversational input, can be seen the operation effect, use pictures to help operating functions, allowing operation and maintenance is only done in between hands.

Professional design of PLC output contact protection computer board, make its internal relay contacts within DC5V5mA; Electromagnetic valve adopt non-contact switch DC24V safe voltage control, guarantee the stability of control system for a long time.

Electrical components adopt international standard configuration, permanent free customer trouble back at home.

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