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  • Tyre  Bladder press Machine

Tyre Bladder press Machine

1. Rubber material preparation: EPDM after mixing.

2. Glue delivery: tire liner injection machine, automatic glue loading and metering.

3. Rubber tire liner molding: After closing the mold, EPDM is injected into the mold. The rubber melts well, has good fluidity, and can be filled evenly. It is suitable for making ultra-thin wall tire inner liner.

4. Inner tube vulcanization process: steam heating, European heating control valve, steel heating temperature control is precise and accurate.

The curing time and temperature of EPDM are controlled accurately.

5. The tire bladder press part demoulding device on the rubber injection machine.

Blowing and pressing device under high pressure, automatic demoulding mode, safety protection.

Tyre Airbag Injection Machine

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