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  • Tyre  Bladder press Machine

Tyre Bladder press Machine

1. Rubber material preparation: EPDM after mixing.

2. Glue delivery: tire liner injection machine, automatic glue loading and metering.

3. Rubber tire liner molding: After closing the mold, EPDM is injected into the mold. The rubber melts well, has good fluidity, and can be filled evenly. It is suitable for making ultra-thin wall tire inner liner.

4. Inner tube vulcanization process: steam heating, European heating control valve, steel heating temperature control is precise and accurate.

The curing time and temperature of EPDM are controlled accurately.

5. The tire bladder press part demoulding device on the rubber injection machine.

Blowing and pressing device under high pressure, automatic demoulding mode, safety protection.

Main technical parameters of tire bladder injection machine

Clamping force (Ion)800100012001500
Maximum pressure of use (k^cm2)210210210210
Piston diameter (mm)700790900960mm
Maximum stroke (mm)7009009001000mm
Maximum opening (mm)1200140014001700
The injection volume (cc)10000120001800024000
Feed saew diameter (mm)50505555
Feed inlet port size (mm)22x7025x7525x7525x75
Injectitxi shaft center (mm)130130150150
Itomum npcton cinder [ressire (kgitm2)160160160160
Itomum npcton pressire ran (an2)1350135014001400
Size of hot disc (mm)1000x10001100x11001200x12001500x1500
Horsepower of main unit (HP)30HPX6P+1HP40HPX6P+1HP40HPX6P+1HP40HPX6P+1HP
Mould advanc&'retreat modeCylinderCylinderCylinderCylinder
Ejector mechanism2RT(Mold core front ejector)2RT(Mold core front ejector)2RT(Mold core front ejector)2RT(Mold core front ejector)
Mould thickness (mm)>=500>=500>=500>=700
HMIFUJI 10 o'clockFUJI 10 o'clockFUJI 10 o'clockFUJI 10 o'clock
Machine size (mm)4600x3250x46505300x3700x49005800x4000x55007200x4800x5950

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