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Compression machine temperature control valve function?

Aug. 04, 2022

The vulcanizing machine equipment is composed of many large and small parts. These parts have their own special functions. Each of them is indispensable to perform their duties. Let's talk about the role of the temperature control valve of the rubber press.

The temperature control valve of the vulcanizer is the most important regulating equipment for the flow adjustment of the heating system, and other regulating valves are auxiliary equipment, so the temperature control valve is necessary. A heating system cannot be called a heat metering and charging system without a thermostatic valve. In the design of thermostatic valve, correct selection is very important. The purpose of the selection of the temperature control valve is to determine the KV value (flow coefficient) according to the design flow (under known heat load) and the allowable resistance drop; then the diameter (model) of the temperature control valve is determined by the KV value. Therefore, the relationship between the KV value and the diameter must be given in the design atlas or the manufacturer's sample, otherwise it is not convenient for designers to use.

In the selection and design of the temperature control valve of the vulcanizer, it is by no means simply selecting the temperature control valve with the same diameter as the pipeline and everything is done. Instead, it is necessary to create an ideal differential pressure working condition for the selected temperature control valve during the selection process. The normal working pressure difference of a temperature control valve is between 2~3mH2O, and the maximum does not exceed 6~10mH2O. To this end, the range of the preset value of the temperature control valve must be given to prevent noise and affect the normal operation of the temperature control valve. When there are more than two caliber choices under the same KV value, the thermostatic valve with the smaller caliber should be selected first, in order to improve the regulating performance of the thermostatic valve.

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