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How is rubber molding and vulcanized?

Aug. 23, 2023

How is rubber shaped and vulcanized?

Rubber moldings are formed by heating and applying pressure.

Finished compounds are blended from base polymers such as silicone, EPDM, NeopreneĀ® or nitrile,

 which in turn are blended from a batch of raw materials in the proper proportions to create the desired properties of the finished material. 

Tools are usually made of steel (although aluminum is often used for prototyping),

 and once filled with a rubber compound and vulcanized,

 form the geometry of the finished part. The tool is placed in a molding press and,

 along with the raw compound, is subjected to heat and pressure until the material is "vulcanized,"

 a process that changes the chemical bonds and creates the type of rubber you're familiar with. The quality and burr treatment after rubber molding can be considered with other solutions.

 We can provide complete treatment solutions and technologies to complete high-quality products.

In short, rubber molding is the process of making rubber parts, commercial rubber products, and specialty custom rubber products;

 all the basic processes are the same, but the choice of compound, bonding technique, tool design, 

and product development will affect the final According to the application results, silicone rubber molding technology is based on vulcanization time, 

pressure and temperature to develop these customized molded products. 

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