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Rubber molding vulcanization cracking?

Nov. 01, 2023

Causes of cracking of rubber products:

1. Insufficient or fluctuating liquid

2. The scorch time is too short

3. Improvement of oil stains on the base rubber or mold:

4. Do a good job in cleaning semi-finished products and molds

5. Pressurize and check the hydraulic system

6. Adjust the causes of surface cracks in the vulcanization system:

7. Improper selection or application of release agent

8. The sulfur velocity of the rubber is too fast and the flow is insufficient.

9. The mold is not clean and the surface of the rubber material is contaminated.

The molding shape is unreasonable. Improvement:

1. Reduce the amount of isolation agent used

  2. Adjust the formula and slow down the sulfur rate

  3. Strengthen the management of molds and semi-finished products,

  4. Change the molding shape so that all parts are in contact with the mold at the same time

Causes of hot vulcanization tear cracking:

1. Over sulfur

2. Mold temperature is too high

3. Insufficient release agent

4. Improper mold release method

The solution to unreasonable mold structure:

Use one of three measures to adjust:

1. Reduce vulcanization temperature, shorten vulcanization time and change formula design

2. Cold start mold

3. Apply more release agents to easy-to-tear areas

4. Change the mold opening and removal methods

Reasons for vulcanization delamination:

1. Surface contamination

2. Frost spray

3. Scorch

Solution to poor self-adhesiveness:

1. Keep ramen clean

2. Reduce the amount of spray frosting material

3. Reduce scorch performance

4. Add resin or use it together to improve adhesion.

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