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The difference between vulcanizer and hydraulic press?

Apr. 18, 2022

Rubber hydraulic press is only a carrier for single function recycling; while vulcanizing press is a device with multiple functions coexisting and can be applied independently; to be precise: vulcanizing press can work instead of hydraulic press, but hydraulic press cannot replace vulcanizing press; heating function - in Heating can be enabled or not used during pressing production, and this function can be adjusted at will according to the different production processes of the product; the hydraulic press does not have this function and cannot perform such operations; the exhaust function - the exhaust function of the vulcanizer can be opened according to the different products. Or turn off or adjust the number of times according to the actual situation; the hydraulic press does not have this function; the pressure holding function - the vulcanizer can set the pressure holding time (0-24 hours) according to the needs of the user; the hydraulic press cannot have this function;

    The functional steps of the vulcanizing machine: press all kinds of products that need to be molded and non-molded; automatic pulling in, automatic mold closing, automatic mold opening after ejection, automatic constant temperature timing, automatic opening alarm, automatic pressure compensation, automatic opening and automatic pushing out

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