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What is the solution to the quality problem of LSR products?

May. 10, 2023

What is the solution to the quality problem of LSR products?

Liquid silicone, or LSR, is a heat-resistant, high-recovery, flexible thermosetting material whose rheological behavior is mainly characterized by low viscosity, fast curing, shear thinning, and high thermal expansion coefficient.

LSR is divided into A glue and B glue. Use a quantitative device to control the ratio of the two to 1:1, then mix them through a static mixer, inject them into the injection tube and then carry out injection molding production. Inject liquid silicone into hot casting Road molds, making silicone products, can achieve the advantages of molding, no waste and automation.

LSR is used in the medical and health industry, such as making sealed infusion systems, ring dialysis filters, hearing aid components, baby pacifiers, mother's nipple shields, household appliance suction valves, medical device components, etc.

Its products are characterized by good thermal stability, cold resistance, excellent electrical insulation performance, good elasticity, waterproof and moisture resistance, acid, alkali, and other chemical substances, and will not produce toxic substances when burned.

  Product common problems and solutions:

1. The product is not fully cured

2. The surface of the product is not familiar

3. The hardness of the product is wrong

4. The product has impurities

5. The product has stains

6. The product is deformed or burnt

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