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  • XV-LSR Liquid Injection Machine

XV-LSR Liquid Injection Machine

XV-LSR Liquid Injection Machine

XV-LSR Liquid Injection Machine

Advantages of liquid injection machine(LSR injection machine)

· stable quality

The injection molding machine uses a mechanical method to automatically extract raw materials, measure them at a ratio of 1:1, and accurately inject them into the mold through the screw. This overcomes the problem of unstable press quality caused by artificial production.

· Efficient

When the injection molding machine is used for production, the raw materials do not need to be mixed and color matched; no manual weighing or swinging is required; all are controlled by the machine computer, automatic feeding, metering, high repeatability, double sliding plate continuous action ejection, almost no molding time, high efficiency and quality stable. One injection molding machine is equivalent to the production capacity of two vulcanizing machines.

· save human effort

One machine only needs one operator (male, female), no technical experience is required, as long as the product can be blown out. The injection molding machine has one person in one shift, and two people are required in a two-shift system, and there is no need to mix employees. Compared with the vulcanizing machine, at least 3 labor can be saved.

· Save raw materials

The product has small burrs, self-disassembly and easy cleaning, and the flow channel is small and shallow, which can save raw materials.

· Save power resources

Under the production of the same quantity of products, only 3 sets of electric heating tubes and 1 motor are needed, and it is a servo motor, which saves power resources.

Machine characteristics

· Direct pressure hydraulic device to ensure accurate mold operation.

·Double lower mold quick sliding mold device, suitable for high-efficiency production.

· LSR special pneumatic self-sealing water-cooled closed nozzle to ensure that it will never leak.

· The injection system is specially designed according to the characteristics of LSR to ensure more accurate feeding and metering.

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