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Do you know about rubber molding machines?

May. 16, 2024

Flat vulcanizing machine features:

The orbital mold is opened, and the mold lift angle can reach 90 degrees, which is convenient for personnel to operate and is suitable for the use of two-layer molds; 

The machine is simple and fast, the mold is easy to match, the adjustment is fast, and the maintenance is easy; 

Adopt dual-power individual oil circuit design, stable, quiet, low failure rate, two axes can be operated at the same time; 

It has the function of debugging slow-speed mold clamping to adapt to the molding conditions of different types of modules; 

It has the function of slow mode calibration, which makes the mode calibration more accurate and safer. 

 Compression Molding Machine  vulcanization process:

Load the semi-finished product without vulcanization into the model, and then place the model in the gap between the two layers of hot plates. For non-model products such as tapes and rubber plates, they can be directly placed between the hot plates. 

When the hydraulic medium is passed into the hydraulic cylinder, the plunger pushes the movable platform and the hot plate to move up or down, and pushes the movable plate to compress the mold or product. 

At the same time as the above movement, the heating medium is passed into the heating plate, so that the model or product can obtain the pressure and temperature required for the vulcanization process. After a period of time (vulcanization cycle), the product is vulcanized. The hydraulic medium is removed. Since the plunger falls under the action of its own weight (or the hydraulic pressure of the double-acting cylinder), the product can be taken out and the vulcanization process is completed

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