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What is the reason for incomplete curing of LSR products?

May. 31, 2024

The product is not completely cured(LSR injection molding machine)

I. Solutions

1. Low mold temperature

2. Short vulcanization time

3. Pollution of the feeding system and the feeding system

4. Incorrect ratio of components A and B

1) Measure whether the actual temperature of the mold reaches the preset temperature (adjust the mold temperature to the preset temperature)

2) Short vulcanization time

3) The feeding system or feeding pipeline is polluted

4) The mixing ratio of component A/B is incorrect

II. Increase the vulcanization time

The product is not completely cured

1) Check whether there is hardened material in the feeding system or feeding pipeline (manual cleaning)

2) Check whether the feeding pressure of component A/B is normal, and whether the screw agitator and mixer are abnormal

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