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How to maintain the rubber forming machine?

Mar. 02, 2023

To maintain the silicone rubber molding machine in the workshop, you can follow the steps below:

1. Keep the machine clean: Clean the machine regularly and wipe off any dust, dirt or debris with a damp cloth. This will prevent any contaminants from entering the machine and potentially damaging it. This makes the life of the machine longer.

2. Please check and replace worn parts: Regularly check all parts of the machine for wear. Replace any parts that are damaged or show signs of excessive wear, such as belts, seals or hoses and other switches. This will ensure that the machine runs efficiently and effectively.

3. Please lubricate the moving parts: Lubricate the moving parts of the machine, such as bearings and joints, with an appropriate lubricant. This will reduce friction and prevent damage to the machine.

4. Please monitor temperature and pressure: Regularly monitor the temperature and pressure of the machine, as well as any other operating parameters specified in the machine manual. This will help identify any potential problems before they become serious problems.

5. Follow Manufacturer's Guidelines: Follow manufacturer's machine maintenance and operation guidelines. This will ensure that you take the proper steps to maintain the machine and help extend its life.

6. Schedule regular maintenance time: Schedule regular maintenance of the machine, such as cleaning, lubrication and replacing parts. This will help prevent breakdowns and keep the machine running at peak efficiency.

7. By following these steps, you can help maintain your rubber forming machine and keep it in good working order for years to come. The equipment produced by our factory generally has no major problems after ten years of use. Please pay attention to maintaining the equipment to prolong the life of the machine. Bring greater benefits to your production.

If you need to inquire about machine prices and maintenance, you can contact: Info@japlau.com


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