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What is the injection principle of rubber&silicone injection?

Mar. 13, 2023

What is the injection principle of rubber injection and silicone injection?

rubber injection

The elasticity of rubber is very good, it will deform when it is under pressure, but it will quickly return to its original shape, so the rubber needs a relatively large pressure in the production process to make the finished product shape, and because of this, although there are many types of rubber However, most of the rubber can only be made by injection molding and compression molding. Compression molding is an early rubber molding method, which refers to pressing a piece of rubber directly into a mold, then heating it to melt it, and then The finished product is obtained by cooling molding; while the method of rubber injection molding is similar to the commonly seen plastic injection, but the pressure required is relatively small, which also makes compression injection the most common way of making rubber products. Such as automotive molding products, electronic insulation products and other rubber parts and so on.

Silicone injection

Silica gel is a kind of thermosetting raw material, so the raw material that has not been treated is usually liquid, so before the silica gel is injected, the silicone raw material (A agent) and the curing agent (B agent) are usually mixed, and even if there is a color requirement. Liquid toner (C agent), mix well after stirring, heating and molding, pay attention to the production of the mold when injecting silicone, because the raw material of silicone is liquid and has good fluidity, so if the mold is not tight enough, there will be In addition, silicone is often used to make utensils related to food or clothing, so special attention should be paid to the mold material and the nature of the additives to avoid contamination of the finished product. Such as mother and baby silicone products, medical silicone products and sports products and so on.

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