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Operating Regulations for Plate Vulcanizing Rubber Press

Aug. 26, 2021

Operating Regulations for Plate Vulcanizing Rubber Press

1. Preparation:

1. Check the amount of hydraulic oil before use. The height of the hydraulic oil is 2/3 of the height of the lower base. If the amount of oil is insufficient, it should be added in time, and the oil must be finely filtered before being injected. Add pure 46# hydraulic oil to the oil injection hole of the lower frame, and the oil level can be seen through the oil gauge rod, which is generally 2/3 of the height of the lower frame.

2. Check the lubrication between the column shaft and the guide frame and add oil in time to maintain good lubrication.

3. Turn on the power, move the operating handle to the vertical position, close the oil return port, press the motor start button, the oil from the oil pump enters the oil cylinder, and the plunger is driven up. When the hot plate is closed, the oil pump continues to supply oil. When the oil pressure rises to the rated value (?MPa), press the registration stop button to make the machine stop and maintain pressure (ie, timing vulcanization). When the vulcanization time is reached, move the handle to lower the plunger to open the mold.

4. The temperature control of the hot plate: Put the rubber mold on the hot plate, close the rotary button SA1, and the plate will start heating. When the temperature of the plate reaches the preset vulcanization temperature, it will automatically stop heating. When the temperature is lower than the set value, the plate will automatically heat up to keep the temperature always at the set value.

5. Control of the action of the vulcanizer: Press the motor start button SB2, the oil pump works, and the mold is closed and pressurized. When the hydraulic pressure reaches the set value for a few seconds, release the pressure for 1 to 2 times to allow the air and volatile gas to overflow, and then press it tightly. The mold starts to automatically record the vulcanization time. When the pressure drops, the oil pump motor starts automatic pressure compensation and reaches the set vulcanization time. The buzzer sounds to inform that the vulcanization time is up. You can open the mold, press the buzzer stop button, and move the manual operation valve. , So that the plate is lowered, and the next cycle can be carried out.

2. Hydraulic system

1. The hydraulic oil should be 30# mechanical oil or 46# hydraulic oil, and the oil must be finely filtered before adding.

2. Discharge the oil regularly, perform sedimentation and filtration before using it, and clean the oil filter at the same time.

3. The parts of the rubber machine should be kept clean, and the column shaft and the guide frame should be oiled frequently to maintain good lubrication.

4. If abnormal noise is found, stop the machine for inspection immediately, and then continue to use it after troubleshooting.

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