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Rubber compression molding&injection molding machine

Sep. 13, 2023

We specialize in silicone rubber compression and injection molding solutions, with rich experience and an excellent team. We are constantly innovating in silicone rubber technology. 

How can we save materials and improve productivity at the same time? To help customers save costs, using injection molding machines to produce rubber or silicone products helps reduce material waste and optimize automation.

Silicone rubber injection molding machines are used to manufacture various oil seals, dust rings, O-rings, shaft seals, window seals,

 medical syringe pistons, diving masks, etc. JAPLAU focuses on compression and injection molding solutions, with rich experience 

and an excellent team. We continue to innovate in the technology of rubber and silicone injection molding solutions, helping our customers find their way and push the edge.

In addition to this, we integrate physical and network parts for smart production optimization. Our team is committed to providing the best solutions.


Silicone rubber injection molding

Silicone rubber injection molding is a process that can be used to produce a variety of products, but it can be complex and difficult to understand. 

This is the process of injecting plasticized and preheated rubber into a hot mold to shape it into the desired product. Knowing which rubber injection molding process is 

best for your product can be difficult, and finding the right machine for the job is even harder.

Many critical industries rely on our solutions to produce silicone rubber parts at scale. These industries include healthcare, automotive, electronics, kitchen supplies 

and sporting goods. With over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality silicone rubber injection molding machines, 

we have established a strong reputation in the market.

 Our machines are famous for their precision, durability and efficiency. All key mechanical components are imported and processed. 

We provide complete after-sales service for all equipment. Our agents in each area will provide services. 

The stable performance of the machine, quality and After-sales service is the most important issue for customers.

 If you need rubber siliocne molding machine price,If you need to provide silicone rubber molding solutions:

Please contact us: Jocelyn@japlau.com WHATSAPP:+8618603071612

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