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What are the features of rubber silicone molding machine?

Aug. 25, 2022

(1) It has the functions of timing mold opening, automatic deflation, and automatic pressure supplementation;


(2) Manual, automatic and electric operation modes are available;


(3) The electric heating press adopts digital display (pointer type) temperature control to control and display the temperature of the heating plate;


(4) Adopt PC or manual control, reliable performance, high degree of automation, can automatically identify wrong commands, and avoid accidents caused by wrong operations;


(5) The pre-compiled process program can be locked, so that the operator cannot change it without authorization, so as to ensure the quality of the pressed product.


The rubber silicone molding machine has the characteristics of exquisite structure, stable pressure, wide applicability and high efficiency. The machine has the characteristics of perfect function, compact structure, automatic pressure compensation, automatic temperature control, automatic timing, uniform temperature on the surface of the hot plate, accurate and intuitive temperature control, stable and reliable pressure maintenance, safe and convenient operation, etc. This function can ensure product quality, improve production efficiency, and obtain significant economic benefits.

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